Club Rules
407 Mystic Ave. Rear, Suite 19D; Medford, Massachusetts 02155-6383; 617-953-0707
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Please bring table tennis shoes or sneakers. No black-soled shoes or shoes that you've worn outdoors on the wood floor.

You do not need to bring a partner. Most players come by themselves and play with whomever shows up.

Please bring your own racket and ball. However, the club does have a few rackets and balls that we can lend you.

Please sign in when you arrive and before you play; if you are not a member, please pay before you play. (This applies to everyone, including players taking lessons or playing off-hours.)

If you need to change clothes before you play, you can do so in the rest room.

You are free to stay on a table as long as you wish so long as there are no other players waiting for your table.

If you are waiting to play, please sign up on the whiteboard to play next on the table of your choice. However, do not sign up on table 3 or table 6 if the table is being used by one of the two coaches to give a lesson. You can't be playing on one table and signed up on another table. When you go to a table to play, please erase your name from the whiteboard.

If someone signs up on a table that you are playing on, please let them play in a reasonable amount of time, e.g., play a match with the person that you are currently playing (with the winner staying on the table) or practice for another fifteen minutes. If you have played with three people in a row who signed up on the whiteboard for your table, please take a break and let other people play.

No food on the wood floor. Drinks on the wood floor are OK, but only if they are in spill-proof containers.

There are refreshments in the refrigerator. The prices are listed on the refrigerator door. Please take what you want, and put the money in the pink box on the desk.

Please do not get the wood floor wet. Please do not put wet or damp paper towels on the wood floor (e.g., to clean your shoes). If you want to use a damp towel to clean your shoes, please put it on something (e.g., a dry towel) while you are playing.

No smoking or alcoholic beverages.